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Protecting West Phoenix Homes & Properties By Beating Pests To The Punch!

What’s the best way to get pests out of your house? Never let them inside in the first place! At Duran's Pest Control, our expertise and years of experience have taught us that consistent, preventative measures are the only way to prevent pest problems for good. Our friendly technicians can’t wait to work with you on a monthly basis to safeguard your home. So if you're looking for a quality year-round pest protection plan for your Pheonix or Parker, Arizona home and property, then you've come to the right place!

Monthly & Bi-Monthly Pest Control Services

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Here at Duran's Pest Control, we offer both bi-monthly and monthly treatment options for homes, depending on the level of protection you're looking for.

Our Bi-Monthly Service Plan

As our most highly recommended option, our bi-monthly pest control service plan is the most effective way to keep insects out of your house and rodents out of your home and yard. This service includes coverage for a wide variety of common general pests including earwigs, silverfish, crickets, cockroaches, and spiders (interior) as well as rodents, wasps, ticks, and fleas (exterior).

These bi-monthly services include free termite and bed bug inspections. Our bed bug treatments include vacuuming, steaming, and residual product treatments for the entire house (comes with a 60-day warranty). To ensure that you’re more than satisfied with our protection, we include free re-treatment for our bi-monthly customers if there are any pest sightings, big or small!

Our Monthly Service Plan

If you choose to have our pest experts visit you only once a month, the treatments will be similar to our bi-monthly service; coverage for all general pests as well as external protection from rodents, ticks, wasps, and fleas. With any of our external services, we use baiting as a last resort for rodent issues because we prefer to prevent rodents rather than collect them. We take care of your interior first, then move onto the window and door seals, before inspecting and preparing the external defenses. We offer free inspections and estimates from our pest experts, who will look at your property and listen to your pest issues before creating a custom plan for your property.

Our effective pest control service plans offer:

  • Free inspections and estimates on our pest control services.

  • Both interior and exterior preventative pest control treatments.

  • Protection and prevention services for a wide variety of common insect and rodent pests.

  • Quality bed bug protection services and treatments, including a 60-day warranty.

  • Free re-treatments for any lingering pest issues on your property (available for bi-monthly only).

*Note: We do not offer quarterly protection programs because we like to stay on top of all pest issues. We take a preventative approach rather than a reactionary one.

Protecting your home and family is our main concern. Based upon professionalism and integrity, our mission is to treat all clients like family. With our professional-grade products such as Termidor®, Control Solutions, and NGK products, our pest experts are well-equipped to defend your home before pests can find a foothold within your walls or on your property. With a free inspection and estimate, we will provide you with a fair price and customer service that has continued to satisfy our Arizona customers for years!

Our Proven Treatments Follow A 3-Step Process

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Expert Inspections

Our pest experts will work with your schedule to come to your home at a time when you’ll be there to discuss all of your pest issues, concerns, and preferences. They will inspect your property thoroughly and make recommendations, providing a free estimate for the coverage that you agree upon after the inspection.

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Quality Treatments

We take a preventative approach with high-quality products. Our Termidor®, Control Solutions, and NGK products are effective and  cost-efficient, which helps us keep the prices low for you. With bi-monthly treatments as prevention, we can guarantee no pest sightings, and promise free re-treatments if there are!

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Follow-Up Services

In order to make sure you’re satisfied with our service, we will keep in touch with you between treatments. No one wants to let the pest control company know every time they see a cockroach, so that’s why we call and ask! If these pests pop up, we’re going to find out about it so we can schedule a free re-treat immediately.

Our Termite Control Services & Wood-Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR)

At Duran's Pest Control, we also offer professional termite control inspections and treatment options to help protect your home from costly termite damages. If you are dealing with an existing termite problem in your home, we'll spot treat the affected areas with Termidor®, the most effective liquid termiticide available. We also offer Dominion 2L which is an insecticide effective at deterring drywood and subterranean termites as well as carpenter ants. Our termite control services include a one-year renewable and transferable warranty. We also offer wood-destroying insect inspections (WDIR) to check for signs of wood-destroying insect damage prior to the buying or selling of real estate.

Putting Families First, Preventing Pests To Protect Local Homes!

At Duran's Pest Control, what’s important to you is important to us. That’s why we treat your family like our own. We'd never use anything but eco-friendly and IPM products on residential properties. We use organic products because we want your family and pets lead healthy lives. Welcome to pest prevention without health compromises!

For more information about our residential pest control programs or to get started with our services today, reach out to us at Duran's Pest Control!


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